We are Data Techniek Nederland



Established in 2006, DTN is a Dutch-based company working throughout Europe. We provide an unparalleled service connecting data to the heart of your company. 


DTN works to integrate structured cabling within multiple industries. At DTN, we specialize in the construction, assembly and operational delivery of your complete data network, including both copper and fibre optic cabling. 


Our current scope of industries are listed below:

  • Data centers
  • Government facilities and institutions 
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals 
  • Leisure and hospitality




Teamwork/Family - At DTN, we promote a family dynamic. We create open communication and active listening. The success and life of our business are through the growth of our employees and their collective energy. 


Quality - Quality is imperative when it comes to structured cabling. Not only do we provide technically sound installations, our cabling work is also aesthetically pleasing. We strongly believe that structured cabling is an art, an art which we have been perfecting since 2006. 


Commitment to Customers - Client and client relations are a fundamental focal point, and client satisfaction is at the heart of our business. We are here to help you take concepts and designs to fruition. 


Honesty - Honesty characterizes the work culture that DTN drives to create. Honesty gives empowerment and validation to our employees, promoting consistency in workplace behavior. Building trust & loyalty with our customers is an integral part of DTN. We believe that trust and loyalty are the essential building blocks to a successful company. 


Our Vision - To exceed our client's expectations. Create sustainable & economic growth that inspires our employees and clients alike.