At DTN our data networks are built with renowned brands that invest in the development and support of the products supplied. This provides the highest possible quality of the network.


Following the installation of the data network, all connections are measured according to the latest ISO standard. Based on the measurements, the manufacturer issues a protocol certificate for a period of 25 years.


Our measuring equipment is calibrated and maintained every year. The manufacturer cannot issue a protocol certificate without annual calibration.


DTN installs both shielded and unshielded data networks:

  • U / UTP (unshielded / unshielded twisted pair)
  • U / FTP (unshielded / foiled twisted pair)
  • F / UTP (foiled / unshielded twisted pair)
  • S / FTP (shielded / foiled twisted pair)

Data cabling is available in the various categories with different bandwidth and speeds:

  • Cat.5e (1Gbps & 100MHz)
  • Cat.6 (1Gbps & 250MHz)
  • Cat.6A (10Gbps & 500MHz)
  • Cat.7 (10Gbps & 600MHz)
  • Cat.7A (10Gbps + & 1000MHz)
  • Cat.8 (25Gbps / 40Gbps & 2000Mhz, max 30 meters)

At DTN we provide the total package which includes all your cable management requirements.


All works are carried out according to the latest standards, NEN, ISO & TIA.