Fibre Optic Technology


At DTN we supply crystal clear and super-fast connections though our expansive knowledge of fibre-optic cabling. DTN distributes various specifications of fibre from fibre-optic to complex multi-blown systems, with us in your network the heart of your company stays connected.


DTN has over 20 years of experience in WAN and LAN, we take pride in consistently supplying trouble-free connections.


Our blowing, welding and measuring equipment are periodically maintained and calibrated for optimum results. Our staff are trained internally and externally to stay up to date with the latest developments and standards.


Fibre Specifications Supplied:

  • Micro duct systems indoor and outdoor (LSZH and HDPE)
  • Mini and micro cable by means of blowing the cable through micro ducts
  • Multimode cable (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4)
  • Single mode cable (G652 D, G657A and B, G655, true wave, NZDS)
  • MPO / MTP cabling
  • LC / ST / SC Multimode and Single mode pigtails by using Fusion welding
  • LC / ST / SC Multimode and Single mode Connectors by means of Polishing
  • 19” patch panels, wall boxes, outer enclosures, floor sleeves